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Professional Experience

Oliveira Advisory Services LLC, 2011 to Present:

 Professor Oliveira is the founder and CEO of Oliveira Advisory Services (OAS), a global advisory and research organization. OAS was formed in 2011 to inform and provide services for private, governmental agencies, and academic universities on the organizational structure of pension funds and the trend issues that affect their strategic decision process. Global areas of research include agribusiness, health services and technology, infrastructure, real estate, public/private partnerships, food security, and ESG strategies. A diversified expertise founded in over 25 years of government service as an elected official and appointee serving at the local, state, and national levels, matched by a portfolio of over 40 years of experience in the private business sector. Services include the strategic analysis for PE and real-estate firms seeking potential global private and institutional investors with special emphasis on US public pension funds. The analytics, do not include placement agent services, but rather are strategic and systematic studies of possible funds, fund strategies, and or investors with similar alignment of interests. Currently he serves as an independent advisor and researcher to several national and international teams in the areas of public pension audits, pension economic trends, agribusiness risk/investment strategies, and academic research and entrepreneur development with the UC Academic system. He is a part time asset/liability auditor for the Funston Advisory Group and specializes in the review of the asset/liability process and strategic asset allocation decision metrics of US state pension funds. Acts as an independent advisor to GLG Research specializing in pension organizational studies and trends of US pension fund allocations and global investment strategies. Recently completed an economic impact study with Parsons Brinckerhoff, in the Central California region for the California High Speed Rail Authority. He serves as an advisor to the University of California Merced School of Engineering, and to the President of the UC System Innovation Council. He currently serves for a Scandinavian pension fund as an independent director for investments that acquire and rent high quality US single family homes in several US states. His role includes oversight of company matters including investment management that is outsourced to Aalto Invest (London) and their local US property management partners.
Boards and Fiduciary Services 1980 to Present:
Has severed on more than forty boards in both fiduciary and general law capacities including private, public and NGO organizations.
Economist, 1992 to Present:
As a practicing economist, advises on economic trends globally in several sectors with special attention on investment strategies that affect the decision process for institutional pension funds. Since 1998 has been an advisor on economic issues to local governments including Kings County and other local agencies throughout California. Both as a member of the California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS) and the California State Association of Counties (CSAC), was involved deeply in advising the economic side of investment strategies and public pension management. Was a coauthor and researcher in the evaluation of the economic impacts of technology and innovation in the value-added sector of agriculture in central California. He has participated on several projects of resource development and the economic impacts to the regions and the whole of the State of California.
Tony & Connie Oliveira Farming, Lemoore, Ca. 1976 to Present:
As the managing partner of a diversified farming operation, which over the years has farmed and developed thousands of acres in the central valley of California with a variety of crops including field crops, permanent plantings, and dairy, has developed an expertise in the management of a very complex business. 
Oliveira Holdings, Lemoore, Ca. 1971 to Present:
As the President and CEO, he developed over 20 businesses in the retail and developmental sectors including banking, sport facilities, restaurant, construction, newspaper publishing, commercial, residential, and industrial land devolvement, and various retail outlets in consumer products.
Project Manager, 1976 to Present:
As a practicing project manager has more than 15,000 hours of project management experience in a diverse array of fields ranging from agriculture, government, food service, environmental management, finance, retail development, real-estate development, and pension auditing and review. Is currently a curriculum writer for academic programs in project management at the college level.

Professional Experience – Governmental Sector
    California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS) Sacramento, CA, 2005 to 2012:
As a member of the CalPERS board, appointed twice by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and kept on the board by Governor Jerry Brown, held key positions in several areas of the operations as well as serving on virtually all the committees of CalPERS. He was the only board member of the 13 members that was specifically appointed to represent more than 1,500 local governments of California including cities, counties, and special districts. As finance chair, he was responsible to oversee all budgeting, financials, auditing, and financial reporting of the then $200 billion plus fund to the board of directors and to chair all financial committee meetings. As finance chair was the lead in the internal review of all real-estate assets (more than $8 billion) following the meltdown of the housing bubble in 2008. One of the most important outcomes of his work as finance chair was the legislation and action by the board of CalPERS that would eventually establish the first chief financial department and chief financial officer in the history of CalPERS. From the internal review work that he did on the real-estate holdings of CalPERS, following the housing bubble burst, the board appointed him to develop and chair the first risk committee of CalPERS as an ad-hoc committee. Under his work and leadership, the staff and the committee would eventually become a permanent committee and the first risk office and chief risk officer was established. Today CalPERS celebrates one of the most committed organizational-wide risk management systems in the world. 

     Kings County Board of Supervisors Hanford, Ca. 1999 to 2011:
Elected to the Kings County Board of supervisors three times (12 years). During his tenure on the board most of his focus was on those things that improved the economic welfare for all the citizens in Kings County with special attention through his board position on the Kings County Economic Development Board. One of the co-authors of the Kings County Dairy Element which became nationally known as an attempt to bring appropriate balance between the needs of the industry while protecting the environment of the region. Served as the board’s representative on the California State Association of Counties (CSAC), and all economic issues, for the 12 years of his tenure.

California State Association of Counties (CSAC) Sacramento, CA 1999 to 2011
Served on the California State Association of Counties (CSAC) board for twelve years holding positions on key committees and as the treasurer, vice president, and in 2010 became the president and a spokesperson for all of California’s 58 counties. Is well known for his pension sustainability knowledge and the economic issues of local government and during his tenure visited and spoke to hundreds of local governments throughout California and the United States on these issues.

Professional Experience – Academic & Research

     West Hills College Lemoore, CA 2000 to Present:
           Instruction: As an adjunct professor teaches classes in micro/macroeconomics, business law, business management, business bookkeeping and electronic accounting. Teaches face to face and online, and proficient in Blackboard, Canvas, and Ed360 platforms. Highly skilled in electronic accounting and most software applications.
           Curriculum: Has full understanding an experience in writing curriculum for both online and face to face course and academic programs. Recently wrote a six-course online program for a project management certificate, as well as business and leadership courses. Part of the code alignment team at the college in the areas of business and CTE courses. Full understanding of the processes and applications of the TOP, CIP, SOC and SAM reporting codes. Serves on the CTE and business learning area committees.
           Administration: Designed, implemented and coached the school’s first athletic program, women’s soccer, was the first athletic director, designed and completed initial stages of school’s soccer complex and is the academic adviser to the Business Entrepreneurship Club.

    Research and Publications 2000 to Present:
Has contributed to economic and public policy studies as an elected official, visiting professor, or guest speaker, at several universities, and as a contributing researcher/writer to entities such as Stanford, The California State Legislature and the California Little Hoover Commission.
Examples of Research Papers 
California High Speed-Rail and the Central Valley Economy 2015
San Joaquin Valley Regional Economic Summit -Building Prosperity for the Valley Ag Value Chain 2012

 Professional Experience – Speaker & Lecturer
     Lecturer, 1985 to Present:
Professor Oliveira a professional speaker and lecturer in the field of business, business management, economics, pension management/sustainability, and public policy. Has spoken across the world in his capacity as a professor, CEO, board member of the largest pension fund in the United States, and as an expert in the field of business management both in the private and governmental sectors. Is often called upon to moderate complex issues of public policy and recently was selected as the moderator for the conferences by CalPERS to invest $800 million into California’s infrastructure. Is considered an expert in the field of local government pension management and sustainability with over 17 years in the field.

Education - Degrees
     Walden University Minneapolis, Minnesota Feb 2009 to Present:
Degree: PhD (candidate) Public Policy: Course work complete. GPA 4.0
Dissertation is in the field of quantitative research methods, in the field of economic transformation of underserved communities in the San Joaquin Valley by high speed rail connectivity.
    Pepperdine University Malibu CA Jan 1986 to 1990
Degree: MBA GPA 4.0

Education - Certificated
California Ag Leader Class 15
Harvard Business School, Executive Management (YPO Presidential)
Great Valley Leadership Institute
Stanford Law School - Fiduciary College
Stanford Law School – Pension Management
PMI Project Management Certification (in progress)

Magna Cum Laude - Pepperdine University
CSAC President - Circle of Excellence 
Citizen of the Year - Lemoore, California
Agriculturist of the Year - Kings County
Alumnus of the Year - West Hills College

Academic Boards and Community Memberships
UC Merced School of Engineering Advisory Board
President of the CA UC System Innovation Advisory Board
Fresno State University WET Center Advisory Board






Anthony T Oliveira

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